Basketball-Volleyball-Handball Scoreboards

Providing suitable, economical and effective solutions for the professional and amateur halls, SKORLED has always been by the side of the sports and athletes with its expert technical team that can adapt to changes in basketball rules and intervene as quickly as possible. 70% of Skorled products were preferred by the Turkish Basketball Association. We also provide optional Euroleague/EuroCup support in our scoreboards. Our SKL-LVE-BX, SBS 7500X, SBS 5500X, SBS 3000TX and SBS 2000TX products are approved by FIBA and are published on FIBA's official website ( With such pride and responsibility, we are moving forward by increasing our business even further.

Separate scoreboards are produced for branches of basketball, volleyball and handball; it is also possible to display the three branches from one scoreboard. This is called a multipurpose hall scoreboard. Scoreboard mockups are produced according to the hall capacity and the importance of the competition. In addition, if you want to use subsidiary scoreboards in high-level volleyball matches, scoreboards are specially designed for that request and produced by supporting them with professional software.

Along with the scoreboards, shot clocks, consoles, possession arrow indicator, team foul markers and a coach button specific to handball are used. See the equipment brochures to review the features of these products.

Product Categories:
  • School-type scoreboards
  • Semi-professional scoreboards
  • Professional scoreboards
  • Scoreboards with writeable team and player names
  • Cube LED video screen scoreboards

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