Swimming Timing System

For the water sport, we provide swimming and time measurement systems at the level of international standards. With the Pool Touch Panel, our system, it measures the athletes' exact scores and saves this data by transmitting it to the scoreboards. Since these systems are expensive and have a long supply life, this situation has hampered the development of the sport of swimming. However, as SKORLED family, we have made a significant contribution to this sector without commercial reasons by contributing to sports and making the product spread faster. With the Ministry of Youth and Sports working to increase the number of swimming pool facilities, every athlete got the chance to encounter touchpad technology. Also with this system, there is no chance of getting a false result back to the athlete and therefore these results can be used as live official results. The CE certified timing system developed by Skorled, has been verified to operate with a margin of error of 0.000 seconds in 10 minutes in tests conducted by TÜBİTAK UME. In addition, we provide water polo scoreboards to our customers and we can change swimming scoreboards to water polo scoreboards with software change and give 30 second hardware along with products.

Product Categories

  • Swimming timing systems
  • Swimming scoreboards
  • Water polo scoreboards

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